Saturday, 16 November 2013

on the needles

Morticia is close to the finishing line, only the last repeat to do and I can bind off. I love the colours, but I am a little concerned the pattern will get a bit lost. Will see once it's blocked I guess.

 Surprisingly, I will have enough yarn to finish, wooohooo!

The lovely yarn is my handspun, Falkland top by HF. I spun from fauxlags for an attempted gradient. I was a bit lazy and the colours didn't come out perfectly aligned, but I still think it's pretty. I fulled the singles a bit to stabilize them. I have 850 -900m of the yarn, which is surprising in a good way. I feared I spun a bit too thick to complete such a large shawl, but yay!

The braid.
I love knitting with handspun, the colour changes keep it interesting! Do you knit lace with handspun? Do you have favourite patterns for handspun yarns?


  1. I've knit one lace shawl with my handspun and I think it's one of the prettiest shawls I've ever made!
    I chose a pretty simple pattern, Eliina, so as not to lose the details in all the colour. I still love the results. I think that your Morticia is going to be a stunner after blocking. Such gorgeous colours!

  2. aawww, I envy you. This handspun single yarn is uber gorgeous. And I don't think that the pattern got lost, the gradient really adds interest.
    Nicely done!

  3. Beautiful singles! I made a Hitchhiker from handspun variegeted single. I would love to knit a lacy baktus also.
    Currently I'm spinning for a Celestarium.

  4. Great pattern suggestions! I have so much handspun, as I love spinning, but I hardly ever knit with it.

    Tanis, that's a beaut!

  5. Wow, that wrap is beautiful. And the spinning is so consistent. How talented you are. I found your blog on Zite and then took a good look around. Very nice. I did notice how similar the colors in the yarn you are using are to the colors in your logo. Is that a coincidence?? If not it's funny, I tend to be so drawn to certain colors without knowing it. I recently went to knit something traditional for a Christmas gift and realized I do not have one bit of red yarn! I have loads of blues, greens & purples in every variation... But no reds, yellows or all. My husband always says to me, don't you already have that color? I am like NO that is Navy, the one you are thinking of is Midnight!! I guess the moral of the story is I believe we are just drawn to some colors and not others. Keep making beautiful things. Peace.

  6. I'd say a coincidence. I dye so many colours, and I like the whole spectrum. However, I don't like 'obvious' colour combinations, if that makes any sense... :)
    Zite... must check that out!

  7. I can't wait to see your finished shawl. Carla

  8. This is gorgeous, love the mix of colours in the yarn :)

  9. Thank you! We've had awful weather and I can't photograph the finished shawl...