For Lola

My most recent handspun is Hedgehog Fibres superwash merino. I forgot to take a picture of the unspun fibre, but I took two different braids, spun each onto it’s own bobbin and then plied together.

And now miss Lola has a jumper for winter!

She’s quite a model, when I have a camera in my hands, she sits and poses…

I used some random black DK weight for the collar and cuffs, just to make it look a bit smarter, not too homemade, even thought it is hand-spun hand-knitted DOG jumper for the love of god and I don’t want to look like a hippie craftslady who knits jumpers for dogs even though I so am and so do

In my book, the black collar and cuffs make it look totally ok… that’s how weird I am

I’d like to think that Lola likes it.

Oh and this an innocent play bite. Her teeth are just far to big for her body.

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