It will be a quilt

My first one! I’ve managed to finish the patchwork top and it only took about a year

it was sent to a talented lady who does custom quilting, since it turns out that a large quilt (180x140cm) doesn’t want to be quilted on a regular domestic machine. I’m not the most patient person and after few hours of struggling to maneuvre the whole thing through my machine, I gave up, took out whatever wonky stitching I had done and sent it off to the nice lady

she’ll also bind the whole quilt together, so excited! I’d probably mess it up anyways

I can only sew rectangles

the fabric is Nani Iro


12 thoughts on “It will be a quilt

  1. Congrats!

    I can relate… My second quilt is turning into a behemoth. I need to hire someone with a longarm machine to quilt mine as well…anything is better than wrangling it through my wee Janome.


  2. Funny, I have just started getting into quilting and I'm following a few quilting blogs. I did a bit of a double take when your post came up as I was expecting something knitting or spinning related! This will be so gorgeous. Thanks for putting up details of the quilting services, they'll probably come in handy at some point!


  3. Gods, I can't even sew a rectangle. I so much as look at a sewing machine and the bobbins explode…

    Yours is very pretty and soothing to look at now, can't wait to see how gorgeous it is when it returns to you.


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