Pi shawl blanket

This has been finished for ages…

I followed Elizabeth Zimmermann’s instructions from Knitting workshop, it is stockinette with *yo, k2tog* every six rows, which camouflages the (very few) increase rounds. I used gull stitch border as the book suggests and simple but pretty garter stitch edging.

This is my most favourite and most used item I’ve ever knitted despite the fact that it is a circular blanket… that idea seemed most odd to me, but since the diameter is over 220 cm, it works.

The yarn is the most basic stuff you can get in Ireland. Aran weight tweed, probably spun by Donegal woolen mills. I have bought mine unlabeled… not the softest stuff.

I ran out of yarn two times, so it also has a bit of blue Noro, some weird dark blue yarn from stash and then tweedy black yarn, that I forgot what brand it was.

Yup, Lola thinks it’s hers. She kept sitting on it during the photoshoot.

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