Sorry for the picture overload! I am in love with this quilt (mostly thanks to Chris, who did the quilting for me on her longarm machine). It is quite big – I am standing behind it, arms outstretched, holding the quilt up.

Doggies like it too. We got a new puppy few days ago (the one on the right, but I’m sure you all know which one is Lola…) He’s about 7 months, rescue dog from a local animal shelter and we’re calling him Floyd.

I have a thing for these scruffy terrier mixed breeds. They make wonderful companions.
Floyd needs training though, today he stole a hunk of cheese from the table. Unacceptable.

The back of the quilt is an old sheet.

I am mesmerized by the floral stitching vs. geometrical pattern.

Have to make another one some day!

14 thoughts on “Quilt!

  1. What a beautiful blog! Will come back!!! This quilt is just gorgeous. And your new doggie is lovely (Lola too, of course) – I know how it is to have a thing for a special terrier type – we had a scruffy terrier mix as our first dog, now it seems we are totally into short haired whites with coloured faces 🙂 and still loving our old heeler boy of course.


  2. it turned out great – I might have to piece a top myself soon! I know that I'd never finish handquilting such a large quilt, but if I could send it away for quilting, I might just manage:))


  3. Such a beautiful quilt, but then I pretty much love your style all the time!
    Love to Floyd and Lola! He already looks so happy to be with you!


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