Spinning and more spinning

Merino/silk/flax by HF spun as lace singles. The top was real fun to spin, just enough of a challenge. It turned out way more even than I had hoped for. It will make something lacy (and probably a covered stone too)

Blue Faced Leicester, also HF. 2ply sport weight and about 250g in total. I’ve added sparkly angelina fibre as I was spinning the singles. The sparkle is very subtle and impossible to photograph.

Obviously I had to try all of the new fibres from the shop, this is Wensleydale, lace singles. The unspun braid looks so tiny, but it is so dense and once you start drafting it fluffs up and it is such a pleasure to spin. I happen to like fuzzy yarns, so this right up my alley.

Wensleydale has a nice long staple, I found it really easy to spin. It doesn’t have the softest hand though, definitely not as soft as my other fibre types, but it is so different from your everyday merino. Lustrous and fuzzy and it drafts like a dream. I think it will wear well too.

On other news, miss Lola is pregnant, she’s sporting quite a belly now. We weren’t sure if she really was knocked up for whole first half of the pregnancy, it just didn’t show. Puppies were planned 🙂 one is spoken for. I hope we’ll be able to find families for all of the little ones. She has around 2 weeks to go, so exciting!

6 thoughts on “Spinning and more spinning

  1. love the lace singles. I have such problems with singles – always manage to overtwist them by peddling too hard!

    Adee (kiwigirl42 on Rav.)


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