I have my hands full, we had puppies recently, well miss Lola did… pics
I’ve managed to squeeze in a bit of crochet and a bit of spinning. These are silk hankies, I offer them in the shop, but boy, they go fast!

The hankies were bit challenging at first, I haven’t worked with anything with such a looong staple. I imagine they u be a delight to spin on a drop spindle. You can go thin very easily and the resulting yarn is really strong, with a lovely sheen, but bouncier than your mill-spun silk, which I prefer. The yarn got much more even towards the end of the bobbin.
I spun the scruffy top and bottom layers of the stacks that I sold at the shop, I tried to do a bit of a gradient, but I wound it into a ball, and I don’t think that has happened.

Then I made a small pincushion,. I want to make one for a friend, so this is a prototype, I stuffed it with bits of yarn (yes, I squirrel away bits of yarn, they come in handy). Uneven picots, puffs too flat, dislike.

More new crochet stones too, with a thicker thread.

I got really lazy with the backs… and I ran out of stones.

(I took a ceramics class, I made the doily bowl :))

Hope you enjoyed Easter!

7 thoughts on “Puppyfied

  1. You have been busy. I went over and checked out all of your crochet loveliness and PUPPIES! They are so cute. I love new puppies (pain in the butt but so worth it) 🙂


  2. Oooh, pincushions… I heard if you stuff handmade pincushions with raw wool, the lanolin in the wool coats the pins so they won't rust!!! just a nifty tip! Congrats on the puppies!


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