Creations for the month

Here’s the rest of my creations for the month of June. A crochet stone. I had to re-cover one of my older stones as the dogs have eaten it. I like this one better than the old one now.

The yarn is HF silk lace, colourway unknown. I had this in the stash for ages, so I’m keeping up with my stash-busting theme…
I often get asked how do I come up with patterns for the stones. I’ve recently purchased around 25 issues of vintage ‘Decorative Crochet’ magazine and boy, those are great for doilies! I got the whole lot on ebay quite cheaply.
It makes a pretty pretty doorstop. Very useful, as the door won’t stay open and often traps one of the dogs. If Lola is trapped in the bedroom she whines loudly, but on one occasion we thought Floyd was lost forever and we stayed up until 5am waiting for him to ‘come back’ and when we’ve given up and went to bed I found Floyd sitting, quietly trapped, in the bedroom.

and the ultimate stash-busting project is this one. I have bought this expensive, decadent, beautiful yarn ages ago and it took me only a year to finish this raglan tunic. It is really simple, no shaping, rolled edges, in the round, miles of stockinette. The pattern is Elizabeth Zimmermann Seamless raglan, one of my favourites.

and it is so fine, it snags on everything!

doggies playing in the background 🙂 couldn’t get them off the bed.

Lastly, my current crochet project is a cushion cover. I now have 4 squares and 4 to go. The pattern is again from vintage issue of Decorative Crochet magazine and yarn is Pierrot yarns Sawayaka cotton. Very nice, non-splitty cotton.
Lovely selection of colours too. This one that I choose is actually very faint, beige-green.

4 thoughts on “Creations for the month

  1. Really beautiful projects, and of course yarn. 🙂 The crocheted stone is such a very cool contrast between earthy solidity and airy lace – aren't vintage crochet patterns fun?


  2. Hi,
    This is really beautiful! I've seen the pattern in a yarn webstore before (used in a crochet top). Could you send me a photo of the front of this vintage magazine or the issue #? I'd try to find it on Ebay or so then.


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