I am so excited about this! I’ve been sitting on this ‘secret’ project for a while and now I can finally share. Laura Eliason has launched a fantastic collection of hand-dyed silk scarves, a collaboration with Hedgehog Fibres.

They are so ethereal, beautiful, soft and delicate.
I wear one very proudly and I get so many compliments, even from strangers.

All colours are one-of-a-kind, spectacular kaleidoscopes of colour. The fabrics Laura has chosen are stunning – there are two types, one sheer and one opaque.

I love the fact that these aren’t skimpy little things. You can wrap yourself in abundance of fabric and colour. Without having bulk around your neck.

I am so mesmerized. Still.

pictures by Miki Barlok

you can get the scarves here and Laura has generously offered 10% discount, by using the code ‘hedgehoglove’ at the checkout!

Beach Poetry from Jozef Hupian on Vimeo.

11 thoughts on “collaboration

  1. So nice, I do silk painting but this is truly inspiring! What was your role, Beata? I thought you do mainly wool dying … .


  2. You dyed a fabric? You mean you have actually done all these silk scarfs? So the wool is not the only fabric you work with?
    Best regards


  3. my base yarns include silk and cashmere too, so silk fabric is no problem. I work with any protein-based fibres, but not cotton or bamboo or other plant-based materials. Nylon works too 🙂


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