Knitting Away

It’s a mammoth task, I’m knitting Na Craga. Sleeves done. I’m modifying it into a cardigan and completely in the round. There will be a steek. Stay tuned.
But be patient, I am an extremely slow cable knitter…

On a side note, the YARN! I’ve always liked HF Blue Faced DK but I have a completely new appreciation. It must be one of the best for cable work. Cushy and soft with marvelous stitch definition. And the yardage is great. I’ve done sleeves and ribbing for the body and it’s just 1 and 2/3 skeins.

Yesterday I have decided to take a break from Na Craga, so I started a hat (cabled again, don’t know what’s wrong with me). It’s this one. It’s kind of huge though, like a rasta hat and I ran out of yarn since I only had one skein of the beautiful Pheasant Aran Merino yarn. I have to dye more. I can live with the dyelot difference 🙂 I totally thought one skein is enough for a hat. Well it is, for most hats I guess.

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