Winter is here

Doggies are sorted. Two new jumpers. I think I have perfected the construction. Bottom up, no swatching necessary. The neck short-rows gave me a bit of a headache (I’ve knitted a huge heel instead of a neck at first). But it turns out quite radical decreasing down the middle of the front-neck solved the problem.
Aren’t they handsome?
Lola’s jumper is handspun HF Corriedale, quite thickly spun. I had 190g of fibre and spinning got done in just a few hours. The knitting itself, mere 4 hours, done in two evenings. Yay for bulky!

Floyd’s jumper is Donegal tweed, pretty and manly for my boy.
It is little bit looser than I wanted it to, but I’m sure he’ll felt and shrink it in no time.

(Floyd’s been rolling on a white wool rug that sheds. But isn’t it nice? Like a giant stockinette fabric!)

The pics are taken in the new studio.

Picture tour of our new and awesome studio to come soon! We are still missing few bits here, like a sofa.

6 thoughts on “Winter is here

  1. What cuties!

    I have been trying to find a well-fitting jumper for my curly coated retriever (which has no curls and no coat). These look perfect but of course they are way too small for a retriever. Do you have any plans of publishing the pattern in different sizes?


  2. The sweaters are gorgeous. My dog is half springer and half pointer. I think she would wreck a sweater if I made her one running through bushes and everywhere but I would be tempted.


  3. those two must be the best dressed dogs in your area:)) handspun for a dog? I use my dogs' hair for spinning, but she won't get it back! luckily she has a much longer coat than yours, so no sweaters needed for her….


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