Studio tour

This is how we started, a bare concrete unit, just a shell. No bathroom, no electricity.
And here it is now. Bright and white. That’s a living birch tree in the corner. We have a custom made wall-mounted wooden drying rack. It’s great.

At the back is the dye-kitchen. It’ll be eventually extended a bit more. Towards the left we have a bath tub mounted waist high. I use it to soak the yarn and it’s so much more comfortable than a regular tub, no more bending down.

Most of the furniture is from Ikea, with a few trinkets and second-hand finds. I love the four lightbulbs, dropped from the tall ceiling. Quite dramatic.

A staircase up, to the office area. Another tree, we were told this one is dead and got it for free. If it doesn’t wake up in the spring, we’ll spray-paint it. Gold 🙂

Upstairs, we are still missing the sofa, which should have been delivered last week, but there’s still no sign of it.
It’s a bit bare, but we are adding stuff constantly.

The view from the office area

Back downstairs, a little kitchenette area and wee bathroom.

This Saturday we had the official opening, here are a few pics from the night. Kristin was the event organizer and she did a marvelous job. I just wanted balloons. Yes, those are 2 stuffed birds, it’s a vintage find, I queued for 2 hours at a charity shop to get them.

We had food and drinks and it was lovely.

I think we did a good job decorating the space.

Vintage cup collection, mostly Maire’s, but some mine.

And finally the toast!

It was such a fun night. (Me in the middle, in the long dress, Maire to the left and Laura to the right, more pics of us on HF facebook page.)
Thank you Miki Barlok for fab pics!

7 thoughts on “Studio tour

  1. So impressed with how you transformed that grey concrete box into such a wonderful work space! Thanks for letting me help with the party. You girls are all sooooo amazing!


  2. Absolutely gorgeous!! It's so bright and minimal, really gives the impression of so much space. Love the little touches of trinkets here and there.


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