15 thoughts on “The way we knit

  1. Oh my gosh! This is too cute. My dog Stella does the exact same thing. Sometimes it's really annoying when her little head gets in my way or she pins down my yarn, but I can't get mad at that amount of cuteness. Pups are the best.


  2. Love the pictures! you are very lucky to have a knitting-friendly dog. My old dog resented my knitting and my younger dog always manages to lie on the yarn or get tangled in it or eat it.


  3. Pardon me, I've just discovered the blog and am now catching up. 🙂 My poodle has taken to sitting in my lap with his head on my arm while I'm attempting to knit, as well. Maybe that's his way of asking me for a blanket. I think I'll have to start the search for the perfect pooch yarn.


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