13 thoughts on “Cursed

  1. I was going to write that finally I can say this aloud: obviously it's complete poppycock and there's no such thing as the sweater curse – confirmation bias has created this silly urban legend. But then I read the Wikipedia page you linked to and the way it's described there makes it sound pretty plausible.

    I'm sure with forethought and by being self-aware a knitter can avoid invoking “the curse”.

    Anyway, the sweater looks nice ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. My parents just celebrated their 56th anniversary. My mother knit dad a heavy fisherman knit sweater when they got engaged. He wore it all the time until I shrunk it when I was 15. Just keep am eye on the laundry basket to avoid the curse.


  3. I've knit 2 sweaters for my boyfriend of 3+ years. But I might invoke the curse because he never wears the sweaters (sort of kidding)! He says it is because it is never cold enough to wear them (one is Icelandic lopi, the other a super-bulky knit), but he lives in Chicago, so that is obviously not true! He asked me to make him a new sweater โ€“which I started and only have yet to do the sleeves โ€“ but I don't want to work on it until he starts wearing the other ones! That's where the curse gets tricky… you have to be willing to accept it if he decides he doesn't want to wear the sweater that you so lovingly made for him!


  4. I've suffered from a scarf curse and a glove curse, so I've never tried a sweater, but in my experience, if you knit successful socks, no curse can touch your knitting after that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Or it's all ridiculous and you just have to find a guy who appreciates a good knit/ter. ๐Ÿ˜€ I wish you the best of luck!


  5. I think that it should be called the sweater test. If a partner does not appreciate the love and effort that you put into a handknit sweater, then they don't “get” you and should be best avoided.

    I had a boyfriend who lost the sweater that I knitted for him when he was drunk. I should have seen it as the obvious sign it was….


  6. I couldn't believe that the sweater curse was wikied. I also can't believe there is any truth to that silly curse! But it is pretty funny. BTW, I won't knit for my husband anymore, he is too picky. Maybe I need to find me a boyfriend to knit for ๐Ÿ˜‰


  7. I didn't hear about the boyfriend sweater curse until 2007 or so, what with ravelry and knit blogs, but I have some amusing experiences of sweaters I knit in ignorance of this curse. I lived with a man 15 years older than myself when I was in my twenties. I had just learned to knit and I made him a sweater. It took about 3 months to knit. It was beautiful. He loved it, but I left him shortly after its completion for another man. The next man in my life's fisherman's gansey took a year to complete and then he left me for another woman about a month or two after getting the new sweater. I did not repo the sweater. Things have calmed down now. My man of 12 or 13 years with whom I have two children enjoys the three sweaters I have knit him very much. Maybe the secret is that the man should knit for you too. Mine has made me a hat and a pair of gloves (now that's devotion!) and our daughters have many sweaters and a blanket knit by papa.


  8. boy am i GLAD i read the comments for this post! not because i've never heard of the boyfriend sweater curse before, but because the comments are funny & insightful!!

    to anonymous-
    i wish you'd left your name, or email, because i have the answer to your curse: tell your boyfriend *in a VERY SWEET WAY* that if he'd rather not wear the two sweaters you've knit for him that you would like them back because you can unravel them & use the yarn for something more useful! of course you have to be careful about *how* you tell him, lest you invoke the sweater curse after all this time! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @ maxmiliana- can we trade husbands? **pleeeeease**!?!

    as for my own wisdom on this subject: i have never knit a sweater for my husband but i *HAVE* knit a few very useful items for him (including one beautiful pair of cabled, elbow length fingerless gloves) and has NO appreciation for any of them. logically, he understands the time, effort & love with which i made them, but he won't wear them… EVER. are my feelings hurt? yes, every time i think about it. would i leave him over, or “curse” him over it? no. we are two very different people, and i love him just the same. though i would love a partner who appreciated hand-knits, i also have many other people i knit for who are grateful for their gifts!

    great post!!
    <3 misfitknits


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