For me and it’s color! As I was knitting this simple little jumper, I kept telling myself that I’m going to overdye the yarn once it’s finished. I don’t really wear any colour at all. My wardrobe consists mainly of gray, black and taupe garments. But my friends persuaded me to keep it orange and it grew on me.
As always, I have turned to the genius EZ for a simple raglan construction. The lacy pattern isfrom Vogue stitchtionary, volume 1 and I believe it is called ‘crab walk’.
I have inserted short rows into the back of the jumper. Great fun to keep it in pattern… The hems are twisted 1×1 rib, a current favourite. The yarn is HF Blue Faced DK, also a current favourite of mine. The colour is Rusty nail seconds, the shade wasn’t quite right for the shop, but I liked it, so I have kept it.

It is soo warm and cozy! I wear it almost every day and the yarn is holding up so well. Still crisp and sharp looking after almost two months of almost daily wear. (I’m being quite slow to blog this one :))

19 thoughts on “Orange

  1. I'm not a great orange fan, but this is such a beautiful tone! And it looks great with your blonde hair! Your friends are right 🙂

    I would love to knit this jumper, too. Its pattern is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!


  2. I think its amazing! I am a novice knitter and crocheter (I know thats not a word! LOL). My grandmother taught me to crochet and do latch hook rugs. I watched videos and taught myself to knit. I only know how to make scarves right now but I'd love to make blankets and clothing and how about a nice table cloth?


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