In progress

I’m on a third hat and the colour preference is quite clear…
The bottom one is mine, the gray ribbed one is this one and it’s for my boyfriend and the third one is my work knitting, so it’s going really slowly.

My hat is made with a lovely handspun merino, that I have overdyed black. It’s been sitting in my stash for ages and I finally got to use it. It’s so pretty and the colour changes are so subtle.

For the third hat I’m using HF pure cashmere lace yarn held quadruple (!) which is a bit cumbersome, but the resulting fabric is quite nice, soft and cushy.

I’m on a bit of a stash-busting spree, and when I found this pattern, I had the yarn for it. It’s a HF Wensleydale fibre, spun as a single, so it stripes, which is perfect for this patter (at least in my head…)

I’m working the shawl on a diagonal, so I won’t have to weave in as many ends. (the pattern suggests to cut yarn after working each scallop, which doesn’t sound appealing at all) I’m using a thinner yarn and a bigger needle, hoping for a large lofty shawl.

You definitely need a marker to indicate the right/wrong side of the project. I’m using a simple safety pin with a bit of yarn attached to it. (safety pins slip in and out, but the bit of yarn always stays on the right side of the knitting)


3 thoughts on “In progress

  1. The idea of holding a yarn quadruple is almost enough to give me fits. Hats off to you, I would turn that into a tangled mess in under a minute.


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