Granny square blanket beginnings

I’ve started a granny square blanket and I’m so excited. Crochet is so fast!

This is my colour palette. I’m using some handspun, some of HF dyed yarn, some commercial wools and even some acrylic.
Every square will have a white border. I hope that will pull the whole thing together, as I have so many different colours, only a ball/skein each and lots of scraps.

4 thoughts on “Granny square blanket beginnings

  1. Beata I love the granny square colour palette! Are you making one big square or a lot of smaller ones? Please post a finished photo! I'm so cross I missed the chance to enter your June giveaway, that'll teach me to not keep up with blog reading but I was very busy that week! Also I hope your lovely dog improves, sounds rough. We have a black dog looks like yours! They've a lovely nature.
    btw I'm in a knitting circle in Lismore not too far from you! We have a yarn shop where we meet up, The Design Workshop. We're on Ravelry too, and did a fun yarnbombed bike back in June. It still gets lots of interest from tourists!


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