Undercover is 2!

It’s Undercover’s second birthday this month.

Of course, when Beata wrote the pattern she made a HUGE mistake… she used sock club colours Mozambique and Sandstorm. For the last two years, there have been a constant flow of emails asking for the colours. (Don’t get over excited, I’m not about the announce their imminent return!) The truth is these colours were made when the sock club had 15 members, and were insanely labour intensive, so they are never coming back!

But you would think we would learn our lesson, wouldn’t you? Instead, Beata when recently turned out a gorgeous Undercover for a dear friend who moved back to Slovakia this summer and is due any day now, she used sock club left overs. This new Undercover is made from all sock clubs: Orchid, Iris and two skeins of Maleficent.

In less light-hearted news, Beata’s recently rescued German Shepherd, Brian, is not doing great. He is really struggling with the loss of his leg, and the chemo is taking a lot out of him. He is still the sweetest, gentlest dog in the whole world and is putting up with Beata’s efforts to get him walking, including hydrotherapy, with good grace. He loves to sit in our studio at the door and snooze while His Person works. I know many people are sending good thoughts to him and Beata and we really appreciate it.


6 thoughts on “Undercover is 2!

  1. Haha you know us so well … my heart skipped a beat when I saw you mention Sandstorm! But at least I now know that it is never coming back. Beautiful Undercovers … I really must make one.

    But I am also really sorry to hear that poor Brian is struggling … and I'm sending him lots of best wishes and healing thoughts.



  2. Brian had his second chemo treatment yesterday and he seem's to be doing fine, he's alert and he has a great appetite. Thank you guys for the support 🙂


  3. I made this blanket using a chunky yarn and very large needles to make a large blanket for my niece, who just got married. It was a wedding gift. Thanks for such a beautiful pattern – it looks great no matter what yarn is used. I enjoyed making it.


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