Bath Mat

Such a quick little project! The crocheting took mere 2 hours and a bath mat was born.

I’ve used a ‘t-shirt yarn’ which is strips of cotton jersey. The yarn can be quite pricey, but Hoopla yarn isn’t too bad. Of course you can cut up your own t-shirts and use that, I was being a bit lazy and bought 4 cones, 2 dark gray and two beige. There are knots in the yarn, and a lot of them. I crocheted the knots in.
I used two dark gray 500g cones (200m) and a 10mm hook. I hoped the mat will end up being a bit bigger, but I guess it’ll do. I’ve used a vintage doily pattern. The yarn washes quite nicely, in a washing machine as one would a t-shirt. I don’t block it after a wash, just spin-dry it and lay it damp on the floor.
I have another 2 cones of beige to play with!

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