Granny Squared II

And it is done!

I’ve used Noro Taiyo yarn for the centre of each square and basic white superwash wool for the borders. After I joined all of the squares I did 2 rounds of double crochet in white and one round of single crochet with the leftover Taiyo.

This is the exact copy of the previous blanket, 5mm hook, 6×8 squares. Easily a king-sized throw. But this time I splurged on 10 skeins of Noro, in 3 different colourways. The yarn is lovely and soft. I’m hoping the high cotton content will make it not as felt-able as other Noro yarns, as I intend to wash it on the wool cycle in the washing machine.

I did run out of the white yarn so part of the edging is off white. I find little things like this very charming. I often leave mistakes in my work and I don’t bother myself with dyelots very much either.

Or knots. Noro is famous for their fabulous colours and plenty of knots resulting in abrupt colour changes in the yarn. I just go with it and crochet the knots in.

The Sheep painting was a studio warming gift from the lovely and talented Kristin Croissant.

I have been asked about my method for joining the squares together; I have found this video tutorial and I’ve followed it to a T for both blankets. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Granny Squared II

  1. lovely! I read somewhere that the Amish put tiny mistakes into their quilts because they claim only god can make perfect things, not humans… not sure about the knots in noro yarns hough. it's not visible in the blanket, but if you have it in a sweater etc. it can be quite annoying! maybe I should start a blanket with the purple corriedale fibres? I am passing them every day, would like to start spinning – but have to finish several christmas gifts first:) temptation, temptation


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