New hat

My old hat got eaten by the dogs. It was a lovely double layer hat, made with HF Cashmere lace by Laura on her knitting machine. It was a double layer and I liked it for the warmth.
I’m taking the same concept and adapting it for hand-knitting. I’m using HF Blue Faced DK and a slip-stitch pattern.


I did a provisional cast-on and stitches will be picked up here to knit the lining. I can’t decide on the lining material. The same yarn or something more luxurious? The same colour or a pop of colour? If I use bright coloured yarn for the lining, will it peek through?
Decisions will have to be made soon.

6 thoughts on “New hat

  1. Loving the stitch pattern! I would go for a luxurious fiber and a pop of colour for the lining. It's always fun to have a little surprise that only you know about!


  2. I agree, I'd choose something bright for the inside! why don't you take a piece of bright fabric or a skein of strong coloured wool, put it inside your knitting and stretch the outer layer a bit. then you'll see if it peeks through… and if you like a very warm hat you could choose something with cashmere or angora for the inner layer? would be too warm for me though:)
    just started to spin the HF corriedale I bought – my decision will soon be: ply with itself or dye some lovely silk yarn in similar colours to ply:)


  3. Do you dye yarn anymore. I don't see anything on Etys. Just curious. I loved your yarn and I saw a scarf that Anna Delvi made using your yarn and it was beautiful. I have bought yarn from you in the past. So I am just really…really curious.
    Sherry from New York. You sent me the really nice Irish jewelry a few years ago with a yarn order.


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