A little DIY

I’ve always been using a piece of yarn as a stich marker. But I am currently knitting a black hoodie for my BF and as it is a stockinette in the round and I don’t need to look at my knitting anymore and I kept knitting in the wool marker. Very annoying indeed. I needed stitch markers! Lots and in many sizes.
Behold, the DIY stitch marker. I was seeing these all over the internet, and they so are easy to make.
You’ll just need ‘jump rings’ (great affordable sample packs available here), some beads (not the teeny weeny seed beads, but slightly bigger seed beads, I have a mixture of sizes here) and Super glue.
 Open the jump ring, slide a bead on and close it up again. I’ve used my fingers, the jump rings were quite pliable. Close the ring back up again, dab some glue on the join and slide the bead over the join. The bead will prevent the yarn from snagging. Easy peasy.
I wasn’t able to use all of the rings from the sample pack. Some were too small and some too thick for my beads. But I got at least 60 markers from a lot of 100 rings. For $5. Winner!
I’ve even added dangly sparkly bit to one of the rings and some of the bigger ones got three beads. Perfect small, inexpensive gift for a knitter.

5 thoughts on “A little DIY

  1. thank you for posting this one on stitch markers, i've been eyeing this one on the internet, and wanted to make one for myself, now I can make one and can't wait for it to try!


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