Really simple, 3×1 ribbed socks for me. The colors are so happy and bright and it makes the dull February days bearable.
I’ve dyed the yarn on my Twist Sock base and it is a deliberately pooling OOAK colourway. At Hedgehog fibres we usually stride for non-pooling colourways, but I wanted to try out a different style of dyeing.
I think the socks turned out really cute and I loved working with the yarn.
 I also made these textured socks, which were a Christmas present for my boyfriend. Also in Twist sock yarn. The pattern I made up, but I’m sure it already exists in stitch dictionaries. It’s a textured rib variation – row 1 and 2 knit, row 3 and 4: k3, p3. Really easy. And boring to knit.
This is what’s on my needles now, another pair of socks, pink and cheerful again. I’m addicted to the Twist sock yarn!

4 thoughts on “Socks!

  1. Wow Beata those are so beautiful! I had seen that particular pooling yarn in your flickr and was wondering how it would look knit! It almost looks nicer knit than in the skein! So fun to see something so different from you! You have such an amazing eye for colour 🙂


  2. Good Morning. Beautiful socks. What size needles are you using? What is the number of cast on for yours and your boyfriends. Thank you for help a sock newbie. Jill


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