Have you been waiting for the club renewals? Now is the time! Club renewals are for sale here.

This time, we are offering the always popular sock club, of which you can see samples below. Two lovely skeins every month, semi-solid or variegated, always a complex and beautiful colour. I like to experiment with colour and the clubs are a great medium. Most of the colourways I create are non-repeatable, as I can do as many as 20+ different dips. I always stride for non-pooling yarn with very short repeats, which results in a beautiful fabric, where often the colour changes every stitch or two.

sock club colours

The club colours are always in high demand on Ravelry too.

Now we also have a Twist club, which will be one skein of our Twist sock base, dyed in the same manner, complex and beautiful. The Twist sock produces lovely durable and cushy socks (I’m on my 4th pair!). The Twist sock monthly club colourway will differ from the Sock club.

And finally, the Spinning club. Let us surprise you with our base fibers. Shetland, Corriedale, Polwarth, Merino/Nylon, Merino/Silk, Blue Faced Leicester and more, superwashed or not, plus one of the months will include a very special blend, that I’ve created for Hedgehog fibres only (We’ve had flax/silk/merino blends or Camel/silk/alpaca blends and I don’t want to spoil anything for the current members but February shipment is really yummy!)

Please remember, if you purchase two clubs, we’ll refund the second shipping, all shipping is flatrate.

Have a nice day!

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