It’s still Winter

 It’s cold and miserable and raining all the time.  We even got a bit of snow earlier this week. Here are my Pink Spring socks to cheer up both you and me.
I’ve made these with the Twist sock base in one of my experimental colourways.
Love the colours.
The second pair was knit using the same base, a different dye technique, but less successful, I think. I’m not a huge fan of the colours, but the socks are perfectly wearable and warm. These have an afterthought heel, which is the easiest – no short rows, no heel turns. Not great for high arches though.
Now I have to make a few double layer hats that I promised to my boyfriend and 2 friends. They loved the warmth of my Citadel hat, but weren’t keen on the slip-stitch pattern. However they all wanted the HF Cashmere on the inside. I’m using  Dove seconds here and I think one 50g ball will be enough for 2 hats exactly.

6 thoughts on “It’s still Winter

  1. I hope you will share the plain hat pattern with us as well! I would like to make some matching hats for my husband and I… And I know he will say that Citadel is “too fancy” for him! 😉


  2. FlannelJammies – follow the pattern for Citadel, but omit the texture, it'll work for plain stockinette hat as well!

    I use cashmere seconds from the shop, skeins that have spots or are the wrong colour. That's my excuse for knitting cashmere hats for people 🙂


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