Another one bites the dust

My handspun crocheted granny square blanket is finished and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s so pretty and colourful. I’ve spun all of the yarn as fulled singles, I’ve described the process here.


I’ve tried to colour-coordinate the yarns a bit, in fact I’ve spun probably enough for 2 blankets, but not all of the yarns made the cut. I’ve left out the more green toned yarns, I thought it would make the blanket too rainbow-like.

I’m pretty sure all of the fibres I ended up using are Hedgehog Fibres, some club, some non-club colours. The Polwarth is probably my favourite for this project. Not baby’s bum soft but not scratchy. I think the kitten soft merino squares will probably wear much quicker than the Polwarth or the Corriedale.
 These giant squares were such a pleasure to make. Quick enough, only two ends to weave in for every square. There are 9 squares in total. I’ve used a single crochet to put the blanket together and there’s one round of single crochet edging.
(…psst, if you’d like to start a similar project, there are few more spinning memberships left in the shop)
Maybe I should go start another one with all of the greeny yarns that didn’t make the cut 🙂

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