Fauxlags and Masterchef

Lazy, rainy and cold Sunday. I’m watching Uk Masterchef and making ‘fauxlags’. They are like rolags that you make with hand cards. but these are made with a commercial combed top.

I have used HF Polwarth fibre, a club colourway.

Why would one make these you ask? Well, I did it mainly for colour management. I’m looking for a mottled gradient of colours. Also, it gives you an opportunity to practice long-draw woolen spinning technique. I have made a little picture tutorial on how I made my fauxlags. Click for a bigger picture. (and excuse the chipped nail polish!) Pre-draft your fibre first, it needs to be light and fluffy before you start rolling it onto a pencil or something similar.

 As you spin these little cocoons  the air get’s trapped in the spiral-like unwinding of the fibre. In theory, resulting in a lofty, woolen spun single, but without the lengthy process of hand-carding. I will put this to the test, I’m very curious, if the spun yarn will be any squishier.
Here they are, arranged by colour.
I enjoyed making the fauxlags a lot,  it’s just something different to do with your combed top.

I think Floyd wants to steal one… But he is forgiven today, as he’s undergoing a massive surgery tomorrow – his hip is dislocated. Fingers crossed for him tomorrow, hope everything goes well.

8 thoughts on “Fauxlags and Masterchef

  1. Awww – poor Floyd-monster! Lots of good wishes and kisses on the nose (and licks from Mabel) for tomorrow – best of luck!

    (How did he manage to do it anyway?)


  2. the poor monster has been like this ever since we got him 3 years ago.

    Both me and the vet were shocked, once we saw the x-rays. His hip is dislocated, he was probably hit by a car when he was a pup, he was a stray and it didn't get treated and it sort of fused together. The bones are all crooked and twisted – you would not now by looking at him.

    I always had a bit of a funny walk, but never seemed to be in any pain or anything, in fact he's mental and runs around like crazy and jumps off walls on a daily basis.

    However, on Friday I thought he broke his leg somehow, because he couldn't walk or jump, literally all of a sudden. And that's how we found out.

    He's out of surgery, everything went fine and I'll be picking him up shortly. He'll be fine, he's a tough little doggie and our vet is amazing.

    I always have the sick ones, don't I? 😀


  3. How fun! Just started playing with this latest club fibre making my own fauxlags. It's unfortunate that it's time for bed, as I'd love to start spinning them RIGHT NOW!

    Not only is it a handy prep for organising colours, but it's a great opportunity to get a much closer look at the colours before spinning them. Sooo yummy 😀


  4. I'm soooo glad Floyd's OK 🙂 I do hate hearing about sick doggies, mental or otherwise!

    “I always had a bit of a funny walk”
    – I know what you meant, but ::snort::

    Can't wait to see what those rolags turn into (I know nothing about spinning, but I like what I see!)


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