Doggie Cushion vol.II

This bench is one of the most important pieces of furniture according to the Monsters. It provides a place of rest…
… a valuable vantage point…
…it gets sunshine all day long and they love sunbathing…they will even on occasion let Gary the Shepherd sit on it. It’s theirs and they love it.
They have managed to destroy the previous cushion, so I have made a new version, hopefully more durable this time.
I’ve used a piece of foam that we got cut to fit the bench. The top is stockinette using a t-shirt yarn and the sides and bottom are crochet. I have crocheted the cover shut, using a contrasting blue yarn. I didn’t want to use any zippers or buttons, because they would have chewed those off in seconds. To wash it, I will have to undo the blue yarn.
In case you are wondering, Floyd is doing great, he’s flying through his hydrotherapy. He can’t jump very well, as he needs to build up the muscle and that will take time. Other than that, he’s just like before the surgery – crazy, greedy and sneaky. The old Floyd is back.

2 thoughts on “Doggie Cushion vol.II

  1. I have been wondering – so glad to hear he's doing so well 😉

    Also – cushion #2 does look much more…er…robust than cushion #1. When I saw cushion #1, I do remember thinking, crochet? white?? Eight muddy dog feets?! And told Mabel not to get any ideas abut having one of her own 😉

    PS Lurve the Gary Eye in the last pic


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