Bits and bobs

Lots of small projects got finished recently. I made this Kindle case, pink zipper, taupe leather and some vibrant stitching. Lined. I’m very proud of myself, I’m crap at sewing!

I love my new Kindle Paperwhite, the screen really is easy to read and it doesn’t strain my eyes. It’s mainly a great ebook reader, but it can wirelessly connect to the internet and you can browse the web on it as well. In grayscale, which is a bit weird, but nonetheless quite handy. The battery lasts a whopping 3 weeks or more.
 I also finished this poor pair of socks. Started in April (!), these were my ‘in between’ knitting. For the times when I just finished something and had nothing new planned, or when I was sick of all other projects. This was my back up knitting.
 I need to start another pair, you know, just as a back up… Any excuse to knit a pair of socks is a good one! The yarn washes really well too, just chuck it into the washing machine (not more than 40°C and no tumble drying – for best results) It’s HF Twist Sock, in a potluck colourway, dyed to pool on purpose.
 And one hat for a friend, potluck colourway on Merino Aran. I used a slip stitch pattern, it’s sooo squishy and puffy, just delightful.
Would you be interested in a similar pattern? I have made three of these slip stitch hats so far and they are great for the one special skein of hand-dyed yarn. The slip stitch breaks up the colour repeat, so it’s great for pooling yarns. It’s a simple hat, but I could write it up… or is it so simple that everybody can figure it out for themselves with a little help of a stitch dictionary?

5 thoughts on “Bits and bobs

  1. Would love to see this hat pattern – these things are only easy for those as gifted as your good self!! For those of us who till whisper 'in the wee rabbit hole, round the big tree…..' a pattern is always a godsend!! X


  2. Aloha,

    Would luv this pattern. As a beginning knitter, I do tend to purchase nice yarns in one skein amounts (some are multi-coloured). But, I don't always know what to make with these yarns. I do prowl on Ravelry, but still prefer those patterns from my blog friends.



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