Spinning Away

Do you remember these?

Well, here is the yarn! It squishy, bouncy pretty and pink. I’m delighted with it. It screams baby girl to me. I chose to chain ply, so there is a lovely gradient from light pastel pink to dark raspberry.

My current spinning project is a test-spin for our not-yet-released product – Big Batt. (All I can think of is ‘I like big batts and I cannot lie…’ :))
I love spinning batts. I like how the colours are bit more heathered, almost tweedy looking with a little bit of texture. These are not ‘art batts’, we card them smooth, with only little bit of interest. And they are big – 200g minimum each, it’s like a giant fluffy blanket!
I’m spinning thin, not sure if I’ll chain ply again. The batt is a subtle gradient – one end is tealy blue, the other one more lavender purple. It might look good as a chain ply, or a single for lace.
Big Batt is very delicate and it has to be kept bagged. I unfolded it, rolled it up like a jelly roll and I’m keeping it in plastic bag that it comes in. Very neat.
How do you like to spin batts?

4 thoughts on “Spinning Away

  1. I only recently discovered that I like spinning batts with long draw. for years I preferred top – don't know if it's “old age” or some other bug that's infested me, but now I can't stop spinning my cashmere/himalaya fibre batts, even though it's still undyed:)
    yours look lovely – I am waiting for the colour blends you'll come up with for sale…


  2. Love spinning batts.

    To stop the batt matting as I use it I place a piece of tissue paper over the unused batt before folding it again. This helps reduce it trying to felt.

    I did try to pull bits off the batt without unwrapping it – unfortunately it turned out not to be such a good idea.


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