Sock it to me

This is a serious addiction – basic, simple ribbed socks.

What makes it harder, is that the yarn is seriously photogenic! Hedgehog Fibres Twist Sock, my go-to yarn (as you are probably well aware), one-of-a-kind colourway – we call these ‘Potluck’ in the shop and they pop up during shop updates. The potlucks will not be repeated. Keep an eye on them, as they sell quickly! (subscribe to the newsletter) Do you have a basic pattern that you love?

6 thoughts on “Sock it to me

  1. yes, I love my slouch socks:) the pattern is simple: k 3 rows, 3 rows of k3, p3, p 3 rows and work 3 rows of p3, k3. of course for the foot I work k stitches for the sole, and I make a normal rib, but not very wide, so that they can “slouch”. not so good for boot socks, but I love the feel, when I run around in my birkenstocks (which is most of the time:).
    depends on the yarn a bit of course. if it has lovely colours I try not to use too much pattern. if it's solid or semi-solid, I love knitting all kind of patterns – my absolute favourite is the huge spider in one of M. Walker's books – on the heel:)
    happy knitting
    Bettina (who is in the first sock phase just now, to try out as many of my yarns as possible… the 2nd ones follow during winter:)


  2. WANTWANTWANT! But are these yarns actually going to make it into your updates what with your – ahem – addiction? 😉

    (Hope Floyd's still doing OK – and the others of course! Mabel says licky hellos to all.)


  3. Bayleisgirl – Loads of potluck colours make it into the shop! This one got snapped up by a customer visiting the studio and I kept the last one…

    Wooly Bits – love the idea of slouchy socks! I second your pattern choice for variegated vs. semi-solids 🙂 I really want to make a lacy or cabled sock in a semi-solid next!


  4. We do carry this base in the shop (Twist sock, some available here ) As for the colourway – this one is 'Potluck' – a happy accident. We make these from time to time, they tend to be very popular and the get snapped up pretty quickly. We do not repeat potluck colourways. if you are looking for something similar, you can subscribe to our newsletter or you can buy a club membership back in stock mid-November.


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