New Blanket

My newest blanket! When I was re-decorating my craft room I found an old blanket, that I started years ago. The edges were uneven, as I was just learning to crochet at the time. I used a ton of different yarns and stitches, all in shades of gray and white.

The old bit was a bit more ‘elaborate’ – I practiced different stitches and used different sizes of hooks with different yarns (no wonder the sides are wonky!)

Onto this I added simple wide stripes of double crochet rows on a 5mm hook. I just wanted to get the job done, really, so wide 1 skein stripes it was.

A wide lacy border in mustardy yellow (Merino Aran in  Pollen – 3.5 skeins) finishes the blanket off nicely. The border is from this pattern.

I left the sides wonky, but with the wide edging (and some blocking too) you can barely tell. It was great for using up all of the partial or full skeins I had lying around!

12 thoughts on “New Blanket

  1. Gorgeous. And what a grand idea to add that vibrant border.

    You have me thinking now about a similar blanket. I have lots of earth tone yarns in various fibers and weights that I've collected while traveling or been given by traveling friends (yak from Bhutan, alpaca from Peru, wool from China…). A blanket like this would be a beautiful way to incorporate all those yarns, plus the crochet is certainly faster than knitting. Great idea!


  2. Just wanted to add my admiration to all the others – I wish I had your fantastic colour sense! (But then, I'd be the dyer I guess ;-))


  3. Hi! I followed this from Ravelry, where you mention you link to the edging pattern, but I don't see it. Can you redirect me? Thank you so much. I love the blanket! Brilliant!


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