What’s in my yarn bag?

I carry a lot of stuff with me. Prepared for every eventuality sort of a situation. I carry a project in it’s project bag, small notions zippered pouch and my knitting journal. If I’m using a pattern, also a pattern wallet.

I’m slightly obsessed with Madbird products, I own a lot of Alecia’s project bags in many sizes and the pattern wallet is also from her.

Above are the contents of my notions pouch. I like to use coil-less safety pins as markers and I like to keep them pinned to the outside for easier access. I also carry a tape measure, the thingies for knitpro interchangeable needles and a pair of small scissors.
Few stitch holders, more markers. The wooden needle case is from here. I also have a small pen, spare tips, a double pointed needle and a handmade crochet hook.

I’m currently working on a lovely pattern by Boo Knits. The yarn is my handspun, although it looks kind of like Noro. The needles are fancy schmancy ebony super pointy ones. I had them for years, can’t remember who makes them, I’d love to get more. Love them for lace.

Máire brought a label maker to the studio, so I made my knitting journal official, by labelling it on the front and back and inside with my address. I was very pleased with it and subsequently I labelled all things… as you do. We also labelled the dogs, but it didn’t stick.

What item in your kit you can’t be without?

6 thoughts on “What’s in my yarn bag?

  1. I always love peeks into other's bags. This time I surprised at how similar the contents are between our bags. I use old Clinique cosmetic bags for my portable stas of supplies. I inherited my knitting stash from my mom, so I like to keep some of her items in there– an old Susan Bates needle gauge, a couple of pale blue stitch holders, and some pink plastic yarn spools for doing color work. Thanks for your interesting post.


  2. aaah, a needle gauge. I miss that in my kit. I have 2, but they are both too big for my baggie 😦
    I love vintage knitting tools and I'm envious you inherited some form your mom!


  3. Just curious but what do you write in your knitting journal? It's nice to see other addicts not leaving the house without a bunch of knitting gear. You never know when you can pull it out and work on it! 😀


  4. I have a tendency to carry everything with me too. I'd like to stop carrying a few things (and have already moved things like all of my interchangable tips and supplies out of my bag :S). I don't think I can go anywhere without my measuring tape, though!


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