On the needles

Morticia is close to the finishing line, only the last repeat to do and I can bind off. I love the colours, but I am a little concerned the pattern will get a bit lost. Will see once it’s blocked I guess.

Surprisingly, I will have enough yarn to finish, wooohooo!

The lovely yarn is my handspun, Falkland top by HF. I spun from fauxlags for an attempted gradient. I was a bit lazy and the colours didn’t come out perfectly aligned, but I still think it’s pretty. I fulled the singles a bit to stabilize them. I have 850 -900m of the yarn, which is surprising in a good way. I feared I spun a bit too thick to complete such a large shawl, but yay!

The braid.
I love knitting with handspun, the colour changes keep it interesting! Do you knit lace with handspun? Do you have favourite patterns for handspun yarns?

9 thoughts on “On the needles

  1. Wow, that wrap is beautiful. And the spinning is so consistent. How talented you are. I found your blog on Zite and then took a good look around. Very nice. I did notice how similar the colors in the yarn you are using are to the colors in your logo. Is that a coincidence?? If not it's funny, I tend to be so drawn to certain colors without knowing it. I recently went to knit something traditional for a Christmas gift and realized I do not have one bit of red yarn! I have loads of blues, greens & purples in every variation… But no reds, yellows or oranges…at all. My husband always says to me, don't you already have that color? I am like NO that is Navy, the one you are thinking of is Midnight!! I guess the moral of the story is I believe we are just drawn to some colors and not others. Keep making beautiful things. Peace.


  2. I'd say a coincidence. I dye so many colours, and I like the whole spectrum. However, I don't like 'obvious' colour combinations, if that makes any sense… 🙂
    Zite… must check that out!


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