Happy New Year!

Oh man, Christmas was BUSY! We’ve had friends and crazy strangers over, we ate, we drank, visited the bf’s family, cleaned, shopped till we dropped, the lot. I’ve had very little time to knit or to photograph anything.
I did finish a sweater, that I started over 7 weeks ago though (I know! But I did knit a few gift hats as well, that didn’t get photographed.)

The yarn is HF Blue Faced Aran and 4.5 mm needle. The colourway is a OOAK test dye – how much dye/heat/acid can I put this yarn through before it felts. Bluish, greenish, black. The yarn is very hard-wearing.
My first time knitting a top-down pattern! After a couple of false starts, I loved the top-down aspect of the construction. Much easier to guess the fit. Neal’s arms are crazy long and the sleeves were a nightmare 🙂 I did go down a needle size, I didn’t get the gauge and knitted it anyway but I knew I wanted a narrower fit, but long body and sleeves for a more slim-fit look. Happy out.

The shoulder treatment is pretty neat and I like how the line of stitches continues from the shoulder down the sleeves. He was pretty sceptical about the rolled hem (too fussy…) but I convinced him and it is fine, it doesn’t curl too much and it is plenty long.

Now onto my little hat, Habitat by Brooklyn Tweed. Unknown speckly yarn of medium softness, held double. Pretty.

This needy fellow kept bugging me during the photoshoot, I think he wants to say hi! (and wear stuff, the monsters like to wear stuff. They are weird like that.)

I hope 2014 will be an awesome year for you and your family.
Knit on my friends!

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I always refused to knit for my partner, because I felt that my efforts will not be appreciated (with two small children it would take me much longer than 7 weeks to knit a men jumper). But this pattern is really tempting. Evi


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