I have de-stashed today. Lots. The plan was to put it all up on Ravelry, write a leisurely post that it’s up there and then wait a few weeks perhaps for the yarn to gradually sell… nope! It was like an avalanche of Ravelry messages, and PayPal invoices. Thank you guys so much! I freed up so much space, and I’m glad the yarn will be put to a good use as I’d never have knit with it.

There are still a few good listings available, you can take a peek here Ravelry link (you have to have an account, but it’s free!)

But what I really wanted to share: I don’t like spindling. I love the look of spindles, I love the idea (portable and whatnot), but it just not for me. I have however acquired a collection of 5 lovely spindles, that now need a new home. Together or separately, they don’t mind.

The big mushroom-looking one is discontinued, as the wood – Masur Birch has been placed on the endangered species list. It’s my favourite one, so pretty.

The descriptions and (suggested) prices are here, it’s again a Ravelry listing. I am open to reasonable offers, and I’ll give you a discount it you want more than one. Ideal for somebody local, or not, as my shipping is flatrate €6 with tracking.
Let me know, either an email or a pm on Ravelry.

ALL GONE!!! thank you!


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