One hat and one cardigan

 Current obsession – cables. And tweed yarn. The hat is Habitat by Brooklyntweed. I knitted the larger size (it’s still quite small) using this undyed mysterious tweedy yarn from the stash. I just love how the cables work with the crown decreases. It’s all about delightful details, don’t you agree?
After I was done with the hat, I knitted a humongous brioche scarf for the boyfriend (photoshoot soon!) and then finally it was time for my great cardigan project!
 After one false start (it was too big) I think I’m on my merry way. It’s in the round, it’ll be steeked. I took the stitch from Vale by Broklyntweed and the yarn is Soft Donegal by Studio Donegal. Yellow, to cheer me up! I think the sleeves will have a different pattern as the main motif is tad too big for a sleeve
I’m also loving this cabled coat, I think it would be great in my HF Blue Faced DK in Cinder or similar colourway. Let the cabling begin!
Do you go through phases with your knitting?

4 thoughts on “One hat and one cardigan

  1. Beautiful Cables!

    I definitely know what you mean by phases. I go through cable phases, color work phases, tweed phases, Brooklyn Tweed phases, and/or Westknits phases (though not lately), and sometimes even spinning phases.

    The hat is beautiful and I love the stitch pattern for the sweater.

    Have you had a dreary winter in Ireland? It's been awful in the States…



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