Handspun Morticia Shawl

It came out just smashing. I had reservations about the yarn, I thought it might be a bit too stripy, but I love it! I believe I went up a needle size to make the shawl very open. The pattern is Morticia by Boo Knits. I didn’t do any beading, as I am a wuss.

The yarn is my handspun single. My description of fulling singles to make them more stable can be found here.

I looove working with Falkland fibre, it feels sturdy but poofy and springy and the fibre is delightfully matte. I’ve described how I got the gradient and how to make fauxlags in my previous posts as well.

If I remember correctly, I couldn’t figure out the bind off and I think I used a combination of Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off and crochet chains for the pointy points. It took like 2 whole evenings to bind it off!

Worth it.

10 thoughts on “Handspun Morticia Shawl

  1. Nothing like the beauty of handspun. Nothing! I love the subtlety of the colour shifts and the pointy points are so crisp and perfect on this airy little number. gorge.


  2. Beata,

    This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I have been avidly following the creation of this shawl from fiber to fauxlags to fulled single to the beautiful pictures of the yarn in its skein… The final outcome is breathtaking! I know you will enjoy it for years to come — and you should be really proud!


  3. thank you so much! I'm kind of addicted to fauxlags and want to spin more gradients! Next on the list is one HF Club braid that I managed to squirrel away 🙂


  4. That sounds great! I won't lie to you… it was this shawl that had me signing up for your HF Fiber Club this time around! Beautiful colors and I can't wait to try this method 🙂


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