Viaduct is our newest free pattern!
‘A shallow triangle shawl featuring a single lace motif for the body and a self-edging in garter stitch along each side.  Knitted from the bottom (point) to the top edge.
A great pattern especially for handspun yarn as the yardage can be modified (knit until you run out of yarn) and the needle size can be changed to suit variety of weights of yarn.’

 I used a handspun HF Big Batt and made light fingering 3 ply. I blogged about it here. The shawl used up 185g and it’s a decent 200m wingspan. We have a few batts available in the shop at the moment, but I know they are hard to come by. The shawl will look great in any handspun, so I’m hoping to see lovely incarnations of this design!

Available here or here on Ravelry

 If your yarn comes out a bit thinner, go down a needle size, if it’s a bit thicker, go up. If in doubt, choose the larger needle, it’ll look better.

You can of course choose to make it with any yarn, I think it would be lovely in HF Sock or Pure Cashmere Lace, you’d need 2 skeins each.


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