Favourite crochet hooks

My current favourite crochet hooks are made by Pony (above left). They are smooth, light and the handle is comfortable to hold. I got my set on ebay for £20 for 8 sizes. Second favourite are the plain metal ones that are all over ebay, a set is something silly like £1.99, including free shipping. I have at least 3 incomplete sets, as I keep losing them! They are perfectly lovely and it won’t break your heart if one or two go missing.


However for me, these all metal hooks get very uncomfortable to work with if they are smaller than 2.5mm, so I got this lovely bamboo handle set, super cheap, again on ebay 🙂 These start at 0.75mm, great for beading or small doilies, a.k.a. crochet stones. The last set has a rubber handle and they looked nice, but I find the hook-part is bit too short and the metal is a bit ‘sticky’. I’m not too fond of those.
I haven’t tried any of the fancy sets – the Tulip hooks look tempting also Knitpro is a favourite for my needles, I wonder how their hooks compare. Are they worth the price tag? Or are you just paying for the brand and packaging?

This is my current WIP, a solid granny square blanket. The squares will be arranged into these ‘plus’ shapes and I have to make 256 squares, eek! Current number is 77, so there’s a looong way to go. I’m really not looking forward to joining the squares, but if it works out the way I imagined, it’ll be totally awesome. Do you have a nice invisible joining method?

17 thoughts on “Favourite crochet hooks

  1. Doesn't relate with crochet,
    but when i am down (or anytime) I am reading your blog, I can see than things can work, than you can do what you love. I really like your colors, your works, i am showing your web side to everyone, and everyone love it.

    bit pathetic (i know)
    Thank you


  2. I also have the bamboo ones, I find they are the cheaper version of the clover hooks, with the yellow plastic handle. I prefer the clover ones, I really like the little grip and the form, and they age far better than the bamboo one: mine have their handle stained and are not so smooth anymore.


  3. Oh thank you for sharing this info! I have lots of hand me down metal ones and an addy swing. It's always good to know what other people like and don't like about different sets. I'm getting the itch to make some crochet pot holders.

    Unrelated side note question – I like the idea of knitting my own wash cloths yet the choices of cotton yarn (here in the states anyway) are only offered in colors that are mostly not to my taste. Is cotton harder to dye or is just not a popular item to dye?

    Thanks Beata! I'm always inspired by what you are doing!


  4. I love your granny squares & pattern.I have crocheted for many years.I knit too.I have been collecting wool for a granny blanket.Your pattern has sold me.
    As for joining….I know http://www.loopyarn.com (Phila)has a granny square on their site.The person crocheting it.I can stop & see 6/4. He made it joining as he went.Takki cotton is made by Blue Sky Alpaca right? pretty colors. I think Spud & Chloe organic cotton/wool is nice.Just my opinion.


  5. The granny squares sewn while crocheting were done with a darning needled & picking up each stitch & going side to side in an X fashion as if to lace a shoe.


  6. I find mattress stitch works really nicely for joining crochet blocks nicely. I pick up the sort of hidden middle of the top loops of the outer stitch rings (if that makes any sense). This gives are really nice crisp edge from both the front and back of the finished piece.


  7. For someone who is a complete novice at crocheting, is there an explanation for this diagram to be found anywhere? This looks like a good starting project…


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