Fibre to shawl

New shawl design is on it’s merry way! I’ve spun this lovely club braid, it’s the February shipment and it’s 40% Polwarth, 20% Alpaca, 20% Camel, 20% Silk (we don’t carry this blend in the shop, it was made exclusively for our Spinning club, you can join here). I’ve made fauxlags, arranged them by colour to get gradient and spun a lace single.

The fibre was delightful, soft and bouncy. My finished fauxlags:

…and the finished yarn



The shawl is my design. I’m working it in handspun in a traditional triangle shape and our lovely Carol is working on a square version in HF Blue Faced Lace. Both versions will become a free pattern, so stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Fibre to shawl

  1. That looks stunning. Both the fauxlags, the spun yarn and the shawl. The fauxlags remind me of oil pastels. The colours are beautifully soft. Both shiny and chalky at once.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the finished shawl.


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