Vale Cardigan

I’m delighted with this one, probably my favourite knit so far. I love the architectural winding cable design, the rustic, sturdy, almost-but-not-quite scratchy yarn and the heathery yellow colour.

The pattern is a heavily modified Vale poncho design by Michele Wang for Brooklyntweed. I took the cable design and made a steeked cardigan. 3 repeats of the cable for the back, 1.5 repeats for each side. I did twisted rib for the cuffs and button band. I based the construction on Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Raglan, with a v-neck.

The yarn is Soft Donegal by Studio Donegal. I used 4mm needle for the ribbing and 4.5mm needle for the body. The yarn is very rustic, bit lumpy bumpy, perfect for steeking. It’s ‘soft’ Doonegal, indeed softer than their usual stuff, but it’s not soft as a kitten, which is just fine by me. I did a crochet steek, of which I have no photos, of course.
I kept the sleeves in stockinette, as the motif was a bit too large to fit on a sleeve. The cable itself was pleasurable to knit, albeit impossible to memorize. I used KnitCompanion on my iPad to keep track. I improvised the cable decreases for the v-neck and raglan parts (easier done than you think!)

On a side note, I’m delighted with my new haircut and the blonde ombré thing I have going on, my roots don’t show at all 🙂

So ends my cable obsession. I think. I’m good for a while…

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