Meet our newest FREE pattern! I wanted to create something simple, structural and something that will work with variegated yarns. The sock is mostly ribbed, so nice and clingy! We used Twist Sock in Rusty Nail colourway and 2mm needle. You can download Vestigial from the shop here.

The sock is written for a narrow fit (I wear size 37 shoes). The pattern can be easily sized up, if you can work out the heel turn. Or you can just go up a needle size. Anything up to 2.75 will work with the yarn.

I can’t wait to cast on for a variegated pair, I have a Twist Club skein waiting.

The instructions are written only and the pattern is dead simple. Go on, knit yourself a pair!


4 thoughts on “Vestigial

  1. Gah! That colour. So, so gorgeous. I love simple textured patterns like this, such a great stand-by when you want something simple but a little more interesting than plain ribbing or stockinette.


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