Socks and a scarf

The craziest yarn I’ve ever knitted with is by far Wunderkleckse by Schoppel Wolle, the colourway is Kräuterhexe. I think the yarn was dyed as a sock blank, as it is very kinky and the colours are absolutely mad. I believe the colourway varies greatly from ball to ball, which is quite awesome.

Yup, they are completely fraternal! I’m sure the stitches will even out after a couple of washes…

The other project that got finished a while ago is this lovely brioche scarf, Bundled in Brioche by Stephen West (free!). It’s squishy, big and utterly lovely.

Brioche is a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, you are in business. Great for using up all off the odds and ends. I held thiner yarns double, and used only grays and black with an occasional pop of blue.


The only thing that was surprising is that brioche knitted flat is askew. The scarf sort of comes to a point on both sides. Not too bothersome, but I didn’t know. Or is it just me?

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