Baby Gifts

Aww such tiny things! Just look at those little socks! I made a little knitted gift set for the little boy who wasn’t born yet (I like to call him baby Kanye, but the parents don’t like that as much as I do, hehehe) The cardigan is Bilbo Cardigan by Cirilia Rose, I used HF Merino Aran in a potluck colourway (similar one would be ‘Glacier‘). The only modification I made, is that I made it significantly longer.

After viewing other folks’ project and reading through the notes, I decided to make the hood longer and the body a bit longer too. I did a twisted rib for the hems and cuffs. Overall, a really nice pattern, there’s only a small mistake in the chart – row 6, stitch 21 should be purl, not knit. It’s really cute and I love the tassel.
The tiny socks are just basic socks on 30 stitches, I think I knitted them in two evenings. The stripes almost match, one is bit longer. I don’t think anybody will notice.
Lastly, I crocheted a banket! Starburst Baby Blanket by Sara Rivka. I think this pattern is great, as it is has a bit more of a modern look, which can be a safer option with many new moms.
I used the same yarn as for the little cardigan, HF Merino Aran as it is machine washable. (I wouldn’t put it in the dryer though.) The gray is ‘Cinder’ and the blue is a potluck. The blanket is light, yet substantial and it’s lovely and soft.
Do you have favourite baby patterns? I’d love to know, there is another baby on the way 🙂


2 thoughts on “Baby Gifts

  1. I already mentionned I love the cardigan, but I'm also totally in love with the blanket! It would be so great for my little boy 🙂 your handdyed yarns are so precious, if only I had unlimited money!


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