Vestigial Socks, version 2

Now that I’m done with the baby knitting, I got to cast on for a pair of Vestigial socks in a Twist club colourway – Nemesis (June 2014). The clubs will be opening soon, next week. I’m loving the colours (the more crazy the sock yarn is, the better!) It’s working really well with the pattern.
On a different note, would you like to see what arrived in the mail the other day?

It’s Dyak Craft, Darn Pretty needles and pretty they are! I got the four wood set and the needles are stunning. Now, the wait time was 5 months (!) as they are handmade, but the needles are truly lovely. I love the natural wood colours and the smooth joins. You can go even flashier and get some multicoloured wood!

The pictures on their website are ok, but if you’d like to see more, you can search people’s stashes on Ravelry for more examples of the different options (there are many!)
I just ordered another set, in Charcoal with lace points… I mean, knitting is my job, right? That’s the excuse I’m going with.

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