How to pack your knitting for a vacation

I’m going for two weeks and weight is an issue, as we’ll be doing a fair bit of travelling around. However, I couldn’t possibly leave my knitting behind!
I’m taking one lace project (which could have sustained me for the whole trip), one sock project, notions (small scissors,  stitch marker, safety pins, sharp and blunt needle, pen, crochet hook), 2 sets of 2.5mm needles. Baggies for all of that.
+ extra ball of sock yarn, I mean, what if I run out of knitting?!
I plan on bringing my sock knitting onto the plane with me (15+ hours of travel). I’ve never had a problem before, but I always take a spare set of needles in the same size with me, in my checked luggage. Just in case the first set gets taken away. The lace project and notions are also going into checked luggage, don’t want to risk losing my new Darn Pretty needles.
I think I could have possibly done with the lace project only, but socks are so portable and mindless, suited for trains and such. Am I forgetting something?

Where am I going? Sri Lanka. With a very intrepid friend. Wish me luck 🙂

6 thoughts on “How to pack your knitting for a vacation

  1. Your project bags are so lovely. I have a ton of AMH scraps and now I have the perfect project for them. Can't wait to see this stash turned into FO's! Do I maybe recognize some sock club colourways? I think I have the same colours, looking forward to seeing what you do with them!


  2. I always bring my knitting needles on the plane. Wooden, metal, big, small, whatever knitting needles are allowed on board. I flown within Europe multiple of time, and I've flown through Asia and Middle East. Zero problems with knitting needles in my hand luggage.
    They usually do notice them in my hand luggage at the scan and liquids check. They usually ask me to unpack, but once they see it's just knitting, I'm allowed through without any hassle.


  3. Thanks for the helpful post for we traveling knitters. I never go anywhere without my knitting and am presently spending 3 months wandering France and the UK. I packed a lace project, socks and a Fair isle hat and my Addi set (for fear of not having the right size for anew project) then managed to pick up a Latvian mitten kit at the Ally Pally show in London. I agree with Beata as I fly constantly and only had my needles confiscated once when I tried to fly out of a military airport in the Himalayas.


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