Crazy busy is good

This past month has been the craziest, busiest, most awesome month ever! Hedgehog Fibres has moved to new premises and our new studio is bigger, better and generally way more awesome (check out photos on Instagram). I feel like we have accomplished so much in such a short space of time. I have a fantastic team of lovely ladies to thank for all their help in making the big move happen.
As you can imagine, not much has been happening on the knitting front! I’ve started an Amazing Technicolor Dreamsweater by Stephen West and while it’s looking lovely and I will persevere, it would have been faster if it wasn’t moss stitch. A measly sleeve and a bit of one front panel done so far.

The yarn is dreamy though. Merino DK in ‘Birthday Cake’ and one skein of ‘Graphite’. I was inspired by this version which I love love love.

The dreamsweater is now on hold as I’ll be knitting a wrap of my design, for which I’ve swatched the other day and now I’m obsessed with it. I’m planning on a scrappy leftovers stash-busting version, while Carol (the knitting dynamo, friend, mother of 3) will make a second version in five of Hedgehog Fibres colourways. We chose a killer combo.

I think I’ll use the colours above to start with and I’ll add new ones as I run out.

Carol has already casted on this morning. Yes, it is a race. An unspoken knitting race, as per usual. She’ll probably win again, because let’s face it, Carol wins at knitting 🙂
If it works out the way I imagine, it’ll be released as a free pattern. Wish us luck!

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