Holey Chevrons

As you may have seen on my Instagram already, Westknits‘ pattern adoration continues! Holey Chevrons, knit as per pattern. I’ve used Hedgehog Fibres Sock Yarn, colourways: Pollen, Banana Legs, Boombox, Lime Time (you can substitute Envy), Purple Reign and Kidsilk Lace in Banana Legs.

You can see the full Hedgehog colour palette here, this pattern is so great for crazy colour combos. Even better if you are a Sock Club member – oh, the options and possibilities! Endless! I want to make one in every colour.

I get asked often – how come my shawls come out so huge? Well, let me confess: I’m such a loose knitter! Everything I knit has ‘drape’ (that’s mostly the reason why I don’t knit with silk blends, it just hangs too much, I love silk though). I also pick shawl patterns that seem big and always knit the biggest size available. I rarely add extra repeats. I have a fear of items being too small. I often go up a needle size too, juuust in case it won’t be big enough. I’m loopy, I know it!

My newest project is Penguono by Westknits, which is a total yarn eater and it will be huge (surprise, surprise). I’m almost done and I think it would fit 3 Beatas standing next to each other. I’ll have to find somebody taller to gift it to 🙂

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