Westknits Comes To Ireland

Stephen West is confirmed to visit our studio and teach classes on December 8th, 9th, 10th!

We will have 3 workshops, each priced at €50. To secure your spot email maire@hedgehogfibres.com, you will need to pay a non-refundable deposit of €10. Payment can be by cash or card at the studio in Little Island or via Paypal. You can choose to participate in 1, 2 or all 3 workshops. All 3 workshops are 3 hours long and will run 3pm-6pm.

These workshop are not suitable for absolute beginners, you’ll need to know how to use circular needles, cast on, cast off, knit, purl, increase, decrease.
In addition, there will bee a Book signing/Trunk show on Thursday at 6pm, free of charge, but let us know if you plan on attending as places are limited. Stephen’s books will be available for purchase.
Description of the classes available:
3 hours, 20 participants
Stephen West uses his popular shawl designs to talk about shape, construction, and drape. Students will knit a small triangular swatch while topics such as cast ons, increases, bind offs, and blocking are discussed. You will also learn some of Stephen’s favourite tips and tricks!

Scrap yarn and circular needles for a swatch (Worsted weight recommended)
2 stitch markers
There will be time to start a new Westknits shawl towards the end of the class. Bring needles and yarn to start you new Westknits pattern or have Stephen help you choose colors from the shop! Stephen recommends the following designs to choose from:
Boneyard Shawl, Daybreak, Exploration Station, Dotted Rays, Samen, Striped Esjan, Holey Chevrons, Bolting


3 hours, 20 participants
This class is all about showing off beautiful yarns with simple techniques combined in clever ways. Techniques like stripes, slipped stitches, and holding yarns together will be explored and combined to create bold architectural fabrics. Stephen will show off a colorful array of Westknits designs while encouraging you to look at yarn in a new way.
An array of colorful scrap yarn for swatching (all kinds of yarn weights and fibers).
Bring a range of needle sizes that you like for fingering weight, DK, worsted, and chunky yarns. For example, bring 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm sizes.
Mohair and funky textural yarns are highly encouraged.
There will be time to start a colorful new Westknits project towards the end of the class. Stephen recommends the following designs to choose from:
Penguono, Enchanted Mesa, Royally Striped, Vertices Unite, Exploration Station, Dotted Rays, Smooth Move, Marled Wave, Samen
3 hours, 20 participants
Knit a stylish necklace or collar while exploring playful colorwork and shaping techniques like Westknits signature stripes and Westknits Shortcut Rows. Learn how to crochet away your fears while Stephen fearlessly guides you through your own one of kind jewelry creation. Simple pattern recipes for excessive accessories (excessories) will be provided while you are encouraged to follow your own design process. Tasteful tassels and pretty pom poms will be a serious topic of discussion. Release the chains that tie you to conventional knitting rules and techniques and use those chains to knit and crochet fabulous works of art!
Materials (please bring):
Small amounts of yarn from lace weight to chunky weight in a large variety of colors and fibers. Stephen encourages you to bring…
-something chunky (for example: handspun or thick & thin wool)
-something funky (plastic, wire, or any unconventional material that inspires you)
-something textured (mohair, boucle, or fun fur)
-something sparkly!
Needles AND crochet hooks
Metal or plastic chain (extra chains will be available to purchase)
Please bring a crochet hook small enough to insert into the metal chain links. Spare crochet hooks will also be provided.

Come experience the colorful world of Westknits during this inspirational sample show and book signing! Stephen will talk about his latest designs, share stories, sign patterns, and and help you select yarns for your next Westknits project!

all pictures © westknits and photography & makeup by Alexandra Feo.

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